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A mobile assistant for truck drivers

About the startup

Cargofy is an application that aggregates multiple shipping options in one window and allows customers to choose the most cost-effective delivery from partner trucking companies and own network of independent truckers. The startup simplifies the search for trucks as much as possible and allows to save up to 30% on cargo transportation. The customer leaves a request, and within a minute he receives possible options among hundreds of reliable carriers. The service itself generates all the necessary documents for sending the goods, and you can track the transportation in real time.

Drivers use a mobile application that allows them to find cargo for transportation, as well as infrastructure facilities: gas stations, parking lots, service stations, with a database of more than 10 thousand objects and with exclusive discounts. Cargofy guarantees drivers a rate per mile and a monthly mileage, thus removing additional risks from carriers associated with choosing the best routes.  

About the team

Launching a startup in 2017, Stakh Vozniak, Cargofy CEO, Alex Kovalchuk, CTO, and Dimitris Alexiou, CMO set out to automate processes in the freight market using technology. Initially, the team focused on a narrow segment of immigrants from Eastern Europe, made a localized application, supported in their native language, and thus formed a loyal carrier base. Now, Cargofy is represented in the US and Eastern European markets, with the number of trips exceeding 40 thousand.

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