Vitalii Melnyk

Role in F1V

Vitalii is Product Marketing Analyst and Marketing Automation Specialist, who is helping startups with:

  • Establishing and improving upon Product & Marketing analytics

  • Maintaining a healthy user retention cycle

  • Optimizing key acquisition channels with data-centric solutions

His area of expertise also includes other business processes, all connected by a goal of sustainable company growth.

Prior Experience and Education

  • Areas of experience include Global, European, and CIS markets, B2B, B2B2C, B2C.
    SaaS, eCommerce, FMCG, Pharma, Dating industries.

  • Prior to Flyer One Ventures, Vitalii worked with such notable projects, as,, Sanofi Aventis, Atlas Copco.

  • Holds Mc’s Degree in Marketing Management from Vlerick University, Belgium.

  • Posesses Bc in Pharmaceutics from National Medical University, Ukraine.

Personal Side

Vitalii is a fan of sports activities, such as practical shooting, snowboarding, and beach volleyball. Other leisure time hobbies include videogames, movies. and tabletop miniature painting.

Vitalii Melnyk

Product Marketing Analyst