Victor Zakharchenko

Role in F1V

Joined Flyer One Ventures as a Venture Partner in 2020. Responsible for finding new companies that become part of the F1V portfolio, working with them throughout their lifespan, acting as an anchor for the VC's team..

Prior Experience and Education

Along with cooperation with F1V, Victor is Managing Partner at FunCubator seed-stage VC and СOO at Unicorn Nest.

Prior to joining Venture Capital Community, Victor held the position of COO at KamaGames Studio (2012-2016) and game development company Drimmi (2009-2011).

Personal Side

Victor's hobbies include being an active footbal fan and player, writing a book, creating craft figures and models from stones, clay, and other natural materials, and co-owning the bakery.

Victor Zakharchenko

Venture Partner