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Role in F1V

Lilia has joined Flyer One Ventures as an Advisor to assist portfolio startups on:

  •  setting up tracking and KPIs for the new an existing features

  •  measuring product/feature demand. The latest product she sized is contributing 1M monthly revenue

  • setting up, analysing and iterating on AB-tests, reaching on average 20% of KPIs improvement

  • measuring post-launch feature performance and find product improvement areas, driving adoption of the latest feature by 2X


Lilia is driving growth of Receive products at Wise with the help of data insights. Also, she is a Lecturer on Product analytics at Laba Business School, with ~300 students completing her courses.

Before that, she analysed 4 products in BetterMe and did business analytics for TOP-state companies and NGOs in KPMG.

Lilia Lutsenko

Senior Product Analyst at Wise

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