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How to pitch, market and scale your startup: 10 articles that will help any founder

The Flyer One Ventures team has prepared a list of articles published in our blog that you will find most useful for growing your startup.

Future of venture capital: 4 trends changing VC world

Plagued with the global economic instability, the year 2022 has shaped new trends in the VC industry. Vital Laptenok, general partner at F1V, shared his opinion on the future of venture capital: How investors will approach deals in 2023 and what startup founders should expect.

Use this email template to pitch your startup investors

Elena Mazhuha, investment director at F1V, has seen lots of good, bad, or ugly emails from founders seeking to raise a round. She knows exactly what an investor would like to receive from founders.

That's why she prepared a template of an email pitch that you can copy-paste and use.

Startup Academy by Google: How to fundraise if you are a startup

It is always hard to fundraise, and every founder has their own way. But the process may get less tedious if you know how it typically happens. We propose a list of steps to fundraise effectively.

Web Summit talks: What makes a world-class founder

Working for years in the venture capital industry, Initialized Capital managing partners Brett Gibson and Jen Wolf have developed their own formula of a great founder and shared it at Web Summit 2022.

We listened to their speech and, in this column, retell their opinion on why it’s important for a founder to have a vision, be a researcher, and know how to lead a team through crises.

Updates from startups: How to write a clear report for your VCs

There is no standardized template for a report to investors — everyone uses their own approach. Alexey Yermolenko, vice president at F1V, have read hundreds of reports and knows that investors generally expect to get information on three key points: financials, performance, and product updates. The founder’s task is to cover them as clearly as possible.

5 tips to be better on Linkedin

A good Linkedin profile can tell VCs a lot about the expertise of a founder and her team; it gives an opportunity to ask fewer basic questions during the first calls, making later-stage conversations more effective.

This guide shares tips on how to build a better Linkedin profile.

How to prepare for a conference to meet you next business partner

Having attended hundreds of conferences, Elena Mazhuha came up with her own rules for making the most of any event.

Apart from detailed practical info about setting goals and preparation for networking, she shares other tips on how to rehearse your introduction, what to wear to a conference and when to know if your attendance was a success.

How to test your Facebook Ads: A 5-step strategy

Creative Factory is a technique that can help you test Facebook Ads. This strategy works best for B2B startups, especially those who have a wide audience and a small average cheque.

In order to use it, you need to go through five steps, including deep market research and creatives production.

No PR team, no experience? There is still a way to get publicity

You've raised a round, want to tell the world about it, but don't know how to do it? This guide will help you strengthen your online presence, write press releases, and pitch them.

Logos, colors, and brand books: How to create a design system for your company

A company’s design system is a collection of a logo, fonts, colors and rules to use them — they help build a recognizable brand. If you have just started building your own brand, it's crucial to develop a design system for it in advance.

Alexandra Naidonova, marketing lead at F1V, shared her thoughts on how to hold a brand session with designers, develop design concepts, and put together a brand book.

For more tips, insights and market news, follow F1V on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Cover photo by Paul Menz on Unsplash


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