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Use this template to write your next investor update

There’s no one way to make an investor update — startups work in different industries and the metrics they track can differ too. But there are some general things that VCs would like to see in each report: finances, performance, product and team updates.

Here’s a copy-and-paste template of a report that will help you get started. Substitute some metrics with others, depending on how relevant they are to your business.


Partners and friends,

This is Tom, co-founder at __. I’d like to share our news and growth updates with you. Let me know if you’d like to schedule a meeting to have a deep dive into the details.

Let’s begin!


In this quarter (month), we generated revenue of $__, resulting in a __% YoY increase. Our goal for the next quarter is to achieve $__ in revenue, reaching __% growth YoY.

Current MRR: $__.

Balance: $__.

Runway: __ months.

Net Burn Rate: -$__.

We currently serve over ___ clients and aim to acquire and scale ___ more by the end of the year.



Cost Per Click: $__.

CPA: $__

Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS): __.


Lead Conversion Rate: __%.

Lead-to-Opportunity Rate: __%

If your financial or operational performance has gotten worse, the report should briefly describe possible reasons and how your team is fixing it.

Product updates

Launched a new feature: __.

We have also figured out how to improve our customers’ user experience: __.

We redesigned __.

It’s important to specify the benefits these changes bring to your product: they might save time, increase customer retention, allow you to increase the average check, and so on.

New hires

Throughout Q1 we have focused on some top hires to lead our continuing growth in 2023:

  • We are welcoming (name) as our Global CFO bringing 20 years of experience in finance.

  • A few months ago, (name) joined our team, and we are excited to announce that she will now be leading our strategy and M&A efforts. She has over 12 years of experience in the VC world, product management and strategy.

Open vacancies

  • Jr. Customer Success Manager, NYC

  • Customer Success Manager, NYC

  • Customer Success Manager, Seoul

Asks. Additionally, you could use your investor update as a platform to share your plans and worries and ask VCs for help.

We have been experiencing problems with __ and are looking for additional expertise in __.

We are planning to raise a new round in __ month and we would greatly appreciate your assistance with __.

Best regards,

Tom Belfie.


Read more: Updates from startup: How to write a clear investor report.

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