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Farewell to Genesis Investments. Meet Flyer One Ventures!

We announce our massive rebranding, launch brand-new website and become Flyer One Ventures. By doing this, we emphasize the values and approach that lead us while investing in our promising portfolio.

Genesis Investments is VC with proven track of records today

Genesis Investments is a corporate venture capital of Ukrainian ecosystem of IT businesses Genesis, launched in 2018. Since then, the VC has invested $20 million in 24 startups from Ukraine, U.S., Estonia, and Georgia. Together with Genesis Investments, investors from a16z, EBRD, Greysoft, 500Startups, Startup Wise Guys, Vendep, Innovestor, Howzat Ventures, Bolt, Verv, Pipedrive and Rovio participated in the rounds.

A portfolio of promising companies

We are proud to back best selected startups from the EdTech, MarTech, AI/ML and mobile apps industries. We celebrate and welcome every portfolio company. Among others, we supported Allset, Liki24, Mate academy, AllRight, IntellectoKids, VOCHI, PromoRepublic, and RedTrack startups.

After the deal, specialists who came from Citibank, McKinsey, Deloitte, TA Ventures, KPMG, and other leading companies work with startups on a daily basis. They help businesses to scale, do financial accounting, handle legal regulations, enter the U.S. and European markets, hire employees and get published in Tier-1 media.

What does new Flyer One stand for

For thousands of years, the humanity dreamed of flying, until 115 years ago, the Wright brothers assembled the first airplane that flew. It was called the Flyer 1. The Wright Brothers proved that they were practitioners, not theorists.

This concept stands behind the philosophy of Flyer One Ventures. Practitioners invest in practitioners and get involved in creating products that go up in flight. The team believes in the talent that creates products.

VC understands the startups struggles, as Genesis employees have been developing products independently for 12+ years. General Partner of Flyer One Ventures Vitaly Laptenok co-founded a series of successful tech businesses, including BetterMe, Headway, Avrora, and others, himself.

The founders of portfolio startups can chat with any CEO inside the ecosystem of IT business and ask for help or learn from experience. Vitaly Laptenok, General Partner of Flyer One Ventures, shares thatthe founders say that the difference is very noticeable when there is not just an investor in front of them, but a person who works at the startup every day.

The process of creating our new brand

The rebranding was done internally. At first, brand-strategists of the VC spent a month developing the positioning: they interviewed the founders of the portfolio companies and held an internal brand-session.

Then, using the brand-session brief, the team chose a naming and developed a logo and a design system. It is based on the idea of perspective and progress. Flight of the Wright Brothers is about perspective and distance. Both literally (the meters they flew) and figuratively (progress).

The new design system will help translate our core values. Venture capitalists are competing for the best startups. It's becoming especially important to communicate the key message before founders and investment managers even make first email or face-to-face contact.

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