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Founders, ditch your long presentations. Here’s how to make a 5-slide pitch deck

I look at hundreds of pitch decks every month. And the longer the presentation, the harder it is for me to stay focused on each slide.

And I am not alone. A recent study shows that investors spend less than 3 minutes on each deck. To catch their attention and make sure they read the whole deck, make a 5-slide presentation, instead of putting together 10-20 slides.

Slide 1. Problem & How You Solve It

Explain the problem your startup solves and the size of the problem globally. Use numbers instead of adjectives.

Explain to investors how your product or service solves the problem. Highlight how your solution is more effective than others on the market.

Slide 2. Business Model & Sales

Show how you plan to earn money by solving the problem and how much you can earn on each client in revenue.

Mention your target geographies.

Slide 3. Numbers

Share your most recent numbers with investors to demonstrate traction and growth. Include LTV, CAC, retention, revenue and growth.

Slide 4. Team

Tell about the startup’s founders and early hires. Don’t forget to add years of experience, companies they worked for, and their greatest achievements—revenue figures, sales generated, exits, large clients, etc.

Slide 5. Summary & Round Info

Repeat your key points in one slide and tell how much cash you are raising and how much room is available in the round.

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