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​​Meet 20 brave Ukrainian startups that won $500,000 from AWS

US tech giant Amazon Web Services has offered 20 Ukrainian early-stage startups $500,000 worth of its cloud-computing services to help the Ukrainian startup ecosystem overcome the unprecedented challenges caused by the current war.

The initiative was organized by Flyer One Ventures. We helped sift through the startups and select 20 out of 52 who applied. The winners will receive $25,000 in AWS credits each, the rest 32 companies will get $10,000 each.

The main criteria for the startups were to have Ukrainian founders, ensure the whole team is in a safe place in or outside Ukraine, and most of the startup's revenue is generated outside Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The startups from the Flyer One Ventures portfolio couldn’t apply due to the conflict of interest.

Check out the list of selected 20 startups below and contact Elena at or Oleh at to get an intro to any of them.

Pre-Seed stage:

Loomy develops a photo and video editor which helps to create media content with original fonts, animations and stickers for Instagram, TikTok and other social media.

Industry: Mobile Apps.

Business model: Subscription. develops a tool to record, transcribe and highlight video calls and events in browser, desktop and mobile.

Industry: Remote Work, Productivity.

Business model: B2B SaaS.

Zeely develops an app that helps to transform the way SMB business owners sell and get more clients with the omnichannel marketing strategy.

Industry: MarTech.

Business model: B2B SaaS.

Jiffsy develops a no-code frontend platform for e-commerce with AI recommendations to create an engaging storefront in a few clicks, which promises to increase sales by 20%.

Industry: E-Commerce, MarTech, No-Code.

Business model: B2B SaaS.

PDFLiner is an all-in-one PDF tool.

Industry: Utilities, Productivity Tools.

Business model: Subscription.

Akurateco is a payment software provider that brings fully-brandable and easily customizable payment software to merchants.

Industry: FinTech.

Business model: B2B SaaS.

JayJay is ​​a SEA-based online school using asynchronous learning format to teach digital professions.

Industry: EdTech.

Business model: B2C.

Phygit develops smart labels for physical goods.

Industry: Retail.

Business model: B2B SaaS.

Seed stage:

Raters is a network for movie lovers to watch, rate and discuss films; it allows B2B clients to launch marketing campaigns to highly targeted audiences.

Industry: AdTech.

Business model: Enterprise Sales.

Etalk Global is an online English language learning platform for kids and adults.

Industry: EdTech.

Business model: Subscription.

Party.Space creates metaverses to help DAO, remote teams and brands with their members with built-in engaging tools.

Industry: Web3.0, Metaverse.

Business model: B2B SaaS.

BotsCrew is a conversational AI platform and chatbot development service which helps automate routine conversations.

Industry: AI/ML, Enterprise Software.

Business model: Enterprise Sales.

Skillsetter is an educational platform which uses simulations to teach digital professions.

Industry: EdTech.

Business model: B2C.

Finmap is a cash flow management tool that helps SMB to get real-time visibility on their business in terms of money; it also helps avoid cash gaps and make the right decisions.

Industry: FinTech

Business model: B2B SaaS

Corner Renovation develops a renovation tool for condo apartments, where you can select your new kitchen from templates.

Industry: PropTech.

Business model: B2C.

Curify is the first patient-centric community for clinical research.

Industry: HealthTech.

Business model: Enterprise Sales. is an AI-powered customer care. It is a personalized, proactive, free, white labeled assistant helping air passengers.

Industry: LegalTech.

Business model: Transactional.

Fuelfinance develops a cloud-based financial department for startups.

Industry: FinTech.

Business model: B2B SaaS.

Organization GG is an online platform connecting influencers and brands in performance-based marketing campaigns. The company helps brands reach their KPIs through branded giveaways promoted by influencers.

Industry: Gaming, Web3.0.

Business model: Marketplace.

Series A stage:

Kwambio is a 3D-printing manufacturing company and a developer of unique products used in a variety of fields including medicine.

Industry: 3D Printing.

Business model: Enterprise Sales.

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