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10 insightful blogs for startups, VCs & techies

Our team loves reading about tech and venture capital, so we have compiled a list of our top 10 favorite blogs, which will be useful to startups, VCs, entrepreneurs, and techies. Check them out.

The Review

A VC firm First Round Capital created its blog The Review to give business experts a platform for sharing their most valuable learnings. The blog has comprehensive materials about product-market fit, hiring, management, company strategy, and other topics.

The whole fund's team contributes its expertise to the blog alongside its portfolio startups and experts from world-known companies such as HubSpot, Figma, Google, and Facebook. The Review's articles are pretty long but worthwhile, and it is an excellent choice for evening or weekend reading.

Also, The Review has a newsletter and a podcast for startups called In Depth. It is one of the favorite blogs of F1V principal Alexei Yermolenko.


Tomasz Tunguz's blog

Tomasz Tunguz is a managing director at Redpoint Ventures and ex-Googler. He writes daily for startups (mainly SaaS, web3, and data startups), overviewing market and business forecasts, talking about fundraising… and a little bit about rabbits on firetrucks.

Tomasz's posts are short but have lots of analytics and stats, so it's more suitable for morning reading. If this blog were some kind of wine, it would be fortified.


Christoph Janz's blog

It's a personal recommendation from F1V investment director Elena Mazhuha.

Christoph Janz is an early-stage investor in SaaS and a co-founder and managing partner of the Point Nine Capital VC firm. He gives a lot of analytics and insights on B2B SaaS.

Christoph also talks about Point Nine Capital's deals and tells readers why the fund invested in its portfolio companies.


Borys Musielak’s blog

This blog is also recommended by Elena Mazhuha, the F1V investment director.

Borys Musielak is a founding partner of SMOK Ventures, a VC firm that invests in early-stage startups from CEE. In this blog, you'll find analytics about the CEE region, genuine insights about VCs' life, tips for startups, and in-depth overviews of SMOK's investments and the hottest CEE startups.


Not Boring

It's a recommendation from F1V head of platform Oleh Karizskyi.

Not Boring is a media and VC firm (Not Boring Capital) founded by Packy McCormick. The website publishes stories about business, strategy, tech products, and web3. Readers can also subscribe to a newsletter and listen to the "Not Boring Founders" podcast.

A nice feature it has is "Weekly Dose of Optimism," a weekly collection of stories, essays, news, tweets, and pics about tech, science, and startup life. Reading Not Boring is an insightful and fun way to keep up with the latest trends.


Paul Graham's essays

It is the blog of famous investor, programmer, and writer Paul Graham. He is also the founder and former president of Y Combinator. In 1995, he co-founded the first SaaS company, Viaweb, which Yahoo bought in 1998.

In his essays, Graham talks about his own business and life experiences. Reading his blog feels like you are reading a delightful book.


Andrew Chen's blog

Andrew Chen is the general partner at Andreessen Horowitz. As an investor, he focuses on games, metaverse, AR, VR, and consumer tech startups.

He writes long reads based on his experience; he illustrates his points with presentations and shares valuable lessons from renowned companies such as Slack, Dropbox, and Uber.

One more nice thing about this blog is its newsletter. It includes essays and invitations to events and gives access to unpublished decks and other helpful data.


SaaStr blog

It is the blog of the SaaS community SaaStr that was founded by Jason M. Lemkin. Lemkin worked at Adobe for seven years.

This blog will give you tips for SaaS companies and event announcements. Lemkin also shares some advice on fundraising and talks about what VCs expect from startup founders nowadays.


Investing 101

It is a blog and newsletter on Substack launched by Kyle Harrison, an investor and the general partner of VC firm Contrary.

Harrison's long reads combine coherent storytelling, exciting reflections, helpful insights on investing, startup valuations, and other similar topics. An article can start with a poem and finish with a metaphor or a joke. It's a nice pick if you are in a philosophical mood.

The blog is recommended by F1V head of platform Oleh Karizskyi.


Flyer One Ventures' blog

It's tricky to talk up our blog in our blog, but we think you will like it. Here's why.

If you are a startup founder, in this blog, you'll find a lot of info and advice on fundraising. Once or twice a week, we post concise stories with practical advice, which you can read in under five minutes. No abstract advice — just real cases.

If you are a VC, this is also a great place for you. In the F1V blog, you'll find success cases of our portfolio startups, brief overviews of VC trends, new data, and insights from Ukrainian startups.


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Cover photo by Simone Hutsch on Unsplash


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