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The most exciting way to prepare kids for a great future

About the startup

EdTech startup YaizY is an online platform with a wide range of curated courses in advanced digital subjects for kids. The live online education platform allows 8-to-17-year-olds to develop and refine future-proof skills in areas such as innovation, leadership, design, and multimedia arts.

About the team

The Yaizy team led by CEO Vitaly Gordon. Prior to Yaizy, Gordon was an SAT teacher and director of instructional materials at Kaplan, co-founded two successful businesses, and was a partner at McKinsey for 7 years. COO of YaizY, Lasha Bokuchava spent 4 years as a Consultant at McKinsey, gaining experience in customer value management and digital analytics. YaizY's CMO Evgeniy Roshchupkin combines a traditional marketing skill set with digital product, gaming & entertainment expertise.

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