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Fintech Farm

Fintech startup that creates digital banks in emerging markets

Fintech Farm is a fintech startup based in the U.K. that specializes in creating digital banks in emerging markets.

Fintech Farm's operational model in Azerbaijan and prospective markets involves launching its app through partnerships with local banks. The key product offered by Fintech Farm is a card that functions both as a debit card for withdrawing funds from deposits and a credit card with a loan facility attached in the customer's name. The app also includes features such as savings accounts, deposits, and transfers.

Fintech Farm's co-founder, Dmytro Dubilet, previously co-founded the Ukrainian mobile-only bank Monobank, which has become one of the most successful banks in Europe. After Monobank, Dubilet established Fintech Farm with Nick Bezkrovnyy, a former director at KPMG U.K. responsible for leading M&A in the global fintech sector, and Alexander Vityaz, a founder of Middleware.

Fintech Farm
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