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Multiplayer math game used in classrooms

The Estonian startup, 99math, is a multiplayer math game that is widely used in classrooms around the world.

This tool serves as a platform for teachers and schools to engage students through game-based math practice. Math problems can be generated based on a teacher's preferences, and students can use their devices to solve them. Initiating a math game takes less than 1 minute, instantly engaging the entire classroom.

99math was founded by Tonis Kusmin, who is also the founder of three EdTech products, including the Tebo platform, which is used by 50% of Estonian teachers. At 99math, Kusmin has assembled a team of experts in games, math, and education.

The two other co-founders are Timo Timmi, who is recognized in the Wise 20 under 20 entrepreneur list (Europe), and Ain Arend, who developed his first CMS in high school and led the tech team at ADM.

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