The all-in-one service for in-app subscriptions.

About the startup 

Adapty is a mobile subscription startup that offers mobile app developers an aggregated tool to optimize subscribers’ retention, run A/B tests and engage with paying users. The startup offers a mobile SDK to quickly plug in-app purchases and subscriptions. 

About the team

Adapty was launched by Vitaly Davydov, Kirill Potekhin, and Dmitriy Podoprosvetov. Vitaly and Kirill worked together in the subscription business for 6 years, including 1.5 years at mobile app with 15 million downloads. Later, Dmitriy joined the team to power its team with his 9-year of experience in Business Development. 


Backend Engineer

Office and Remote

Now we are looking for a Backend engineer for external (non-Genesis) product company — Adapty.

We help mobile app developers to better sell mobile subscriptions. The main features of the product are an SDK for connecting in-app purchases, subscription analytics and A / B tests of payment screens (paywalls). Our product allows developers to increase revenue by an average of 20-30% in the first few months.

Our mission is to democratize the expensive technology of experimentation and work with subscriptions and make it available to a wide range of mobile developers.

A little about our current stack:

Most of the API is written in Django + Gunicorn. The main base of Postgres, for analytics - ClickHouse. We use Dramatiq as a message queue. We are thinking about moving part of the API to FastAPI, and replacing Dramatiq with Kafka. We are hosted on AWS and Google Cloud, we use Kubernetes for container management.

What you will do:

  • API development for mobile SDKs: high-load module (>10k RPS), work with App Store and Play Store API, third-party integrations;

  • development of api for the Adapty portal: many custom SQL queries for analytics, most of the data is stored in ClickHouse;

  • optimization of existing code to improve performance, transferring part of the functionality to an asynchronous work model;

  • code review, evaluation of the project architecture;

  • assistance in managing the infrastructure of the service: we use Kubernetes, the infrastructure is managed by Flant, but the ideas for improvement come from the developers.

About you:

  • minimum 3 years programming experience in Python;

  • excellent knowledge of SQL, understanding of the work of the database in general and PostgreSQL in particular;

  • experience with large loads (RPS, amount of data);

  • experience with task queues (Celery, Dramatiq).

Will be a plus:

  • experience with ClickHouse;

  • experience with AWS, Google Cloud, Azure;

  • experience with FastAPI;

  • experience with Kafka.

What we offer:

  • 100% remote: work where it suits you;

  • flexible schedule;

  • a real opportunity for career growth (we are growing rapidly and we consider our employees a priority);

  • training and development from the first day and the entire period of work;

  • an excellent team of like-minded people.