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Before, we built products and made them profitable. Now we invest in our fellow builders.

Investing in

products — not ideas

On Dec. 17, 1903, the Wright brothers did it right — their Flyer I became the first plane to take off and land successfully. Today, at Flyer One Ventures, we invest in doers — extraordinary founders who are not scared of setting ambitious goals, building complex products, reaching significant traction, and solving big global problems.

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We’re practitioners. We love fully operational products, talented teams, and positive traction. Pitch us what you did and we’ll help you do more.

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  • Flyer One Ventures invests in startups with founders from Europe and North America who build global companies at pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A stages. The majority of the fund’s portfolio companies are at the Seed stage. The fund’s focus includes – but is not limited to – B2B SaaS, enterprise, AI/ML, and consumer space. 

  • We don’t typically invest in hardware, direct-to-consumer brands, crypto, Web3, game development studios, capital-intensive businesses, and deep tech.

  • Our average check size is $500,000, although we have the flexibility to invest as little as $100,000 or as much as $2 million.

  • No, we typically do not lead rounds and do not participate as the sole investor in rounds.

  • Pre-Seed stage: 

    • Second-time founders or former executives at startups/tech companies.

    • Strong founder-market fit.

    • A team with solid tech expertise.

    • Startups offering “painkiller solutions”, not vitamins.

    • Tech-driven businesses.

    • Post-MVP stage with some initial traction (e.g., pilot projects, first clients, initial users). 

    • Big, fast-growing and not very crowded markets.

    • Balanced captable. 

    Seed stage:

    • All of the above.

    • $10,000+ in monthly revenues.

    • Balanced captable.


    Series A: 

    • All of the above.

    • The round is led by a VC firm with relevant market expertise.

  • After we invest, we help startups with digital marketing, recruiting, PR, business development, and preparation for the next fundraising rounds. We also have access to industry experts, whom we match with our portfolio companies by request.


    Our portfolio companies often say we are the most helpful VC on their captable.

  • We are a European investor with some of the team members located in Lisbon, Warsaw, and other European countries. We invest across Europe and North America.

  • Yes.

  • Our investment process is simple and efficient:

    Application: Startups submit their applications.

    Review: We evaluate the fit based on geography, stage, and industry.

    First call: We have an introductory call to get to know each other.

    Due diligence: We analyze the startup's market, finances, and unit economics.

    Round of questions: We ask the startup questions and discuss them.

    Investment committee: We present the company to our committee.

    Further discussion: We ask additional questions and schedule another call if needed.

    Offer and negotiations: If we're interested, we make an offer and initiate negotiations.


    We believe in transparency in communication to have a successful partnership, so we stay in touch throughout the process. If we don’t make an offer immediately, we’d love to hear regular startup updates – we may invest later.

  • Tell us what problem you are solving and how; mention your business and sales model and share numbers and round info. Introduce us to the people who are working on your startup – we’re excited to learn more about the team.

    We recommend checking our 5-slide pitch-deck structure.

  • Founders choose us not only for the financial support but also for the extensive opportunities and connections we provide.

    Our hands-on approach – led by ex-entrepreneur and co-founder Vital Laptenok – sets us apart. We aren’t just investing money – we offer practical support in digital marketing, legal and financial matters, marketing strategies, PR, and hiring.

    We have built a thriving community around our portfolio companies, offering exclusive perks and a network that goes above and beyond.

  • We regularly have awesome job opportunities at F1V. These roles range from entry-level positions to more senior specialist positions. We value individuals who are enthusiastic about working in a fast-changing environment and would thrive in our startup atmosphere.

    No open positions at the moment? No problem! Send us your CV (, and we’ll reach out to you when an opportunity arises.

  • Yes! Supporting our portfolio companies in this area is one of our passions. Check out our Jobs page. 


    Don’t hesitate to reach out to our talent acquisition team on LinkedIn. They can provide further guidance on the opportunities that align best with your profile.

  • Email us at To make communication as smooth as possible, we recommend checking our guide to cold emailing and email pitch template.

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